Protection develops and implements cutting-edge
customized security solutions,security projets for various sectors and environments all over the world.

based on broad expertise and operational experience accumulated in
the Israel General Security Service (Israeli Secret Service), where its founders and
members of its professional staff held senior positions.

The company provides modular solutions ranging from specific, ad-hoc services to meet specific needs, to all-inclusive, turn-key security solutions and training programs. CLEAR-ZONE Protection also supplies highly qualified security agents to secure events, protect VIPs, etc. The company’s clients include governmental, public and private organizations, major corporations, high-ranking public figures and senior executives on five continents.

CLEAR-ZONE {operated by Skornik Tal ltd} Protection was established and is managed by Mr. Skornik Tal and Mr. Eli Harosh, both former Special Agents in Charge and Security Detail Leaders in the Israeli Secret Service – the only function within this organization that requires specialized training in the development and implementation of integrated security solutions and operational planning for diverse environments and various threat levels. They are both graduates of the Israeli Secret Service’s singular comprehensive security school, having completed the prestigious GR (“Government Request”) program covering system-wide security solutions, including security concept development; security system design; recruitment and training of security personnel to fill all required security positions; physical and electronic means; the preparation of procedures for routine and emergency conditions; and much more. 

CLEAR-ZONE Protection’s management and members of its professional staff undergo frequent recurrent training as members of the Israeli Secret Service’s reserve unit, where they review trends in the threat environment – both globally and with regard to specific sectors; analyze changes in the modi operandi of terrorist and criminal groups and potential attack scenarios; and are updated on innovative technological developments. Thus, CLEAR-ZONE Protection ensures that the company’s clients are continuously provided with the most advanced solutions, optimally meeting their particular needs.


Clear-Zone experts comprehend the need for reliable, valid, professional intelligence to support the planning, strategizing and continued development of all security projects and operations. The main goal of Clear-Zone Intelligence Service is to supply clients, decision makers with relevant information at the right time. For this purpose, Clear-Zone has designed and utilizes several Intelligence Gathering systems and sources, including its Open Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Clear-Zone uses its OSINT system to gather and to integrate information and data from available sources. OSINT is very useful as a base for understanding classified intelligence and for quickly gathering information about a specific topic, country, region, and others.
OSINT is gathered from a variety of fields: media, online communities, social networking sites and blogs, professional/academic data, official and government data, observation based data such as satellite imagery, and other.
Clear-Zone provides clients with unique OSINT solutions designed for their needs and integrates these with other intelligence systems in place. Further, Clear-Zone will integrate all Intelligence activities with other security processes to achieve a total solution..

Clear-Zone provides a wide range of Cyber Security Services to prevent, coordinate efforts against and respond to threats, impacts and disruptions of critical cyber and communication networks and infrastructure.
Clear-Zone works with clients in order to detect, to identify and to strengthen their facilities, networks, and systems to prepare them to deter and respond against these threats. Clear-Zone Cyber Security Services include the design and procurement of Cyber Security Software, Intelligence Collection products, C4I products concerning cyber security, and others. Clear-Zone also provides strategies and products to secure against Social Media risks and related threats.
Clear-Zone designs and delivers all aspects of the cyber security process, from needs analysis and planning to implementation

Clear-Zone Maritime Services offers security consulting, management, operational, logistics and training services in the maritime and hospitality industries. Clear-Zone Maritime offers a comprehensive range of services, including technology solutions, operations, consultancy, experts training, anti-piracy, underwater security, cable laying protection, investigation and more.


Our services, employees and management are available 24/7/365,
to provide real time solutions for any given situation.

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